On behalf of Front Element Camera Services, Jeremy Irving & employed freelancers, we work with professionals, the inspired, and the determined. We operate in a fast-paced environment, often away from the luxuries of the office. To maintain order, we respect the long-held etiquettes of the film & television industries. Spoken word is akin to the written-word, and goodwill is paramount to each of our endeavours. We enjoy a fair workplace, work with friends, and hope you agree with our terms.  Please negotiate or clarify any points prior to the job.


1.     BOOKINGS are accepted subject to availability and may either be CONFIRMED at the time of booking, or if subject to change, a booking may be PENCILLED

        up until 48-hours of the CALL TIME. Unless CANCELLED or negotiated prior to 48-hours of the CALL TIME, a PENCILLED booking is automatically considered CONFIRMED.

2.     Once a BOOKING is CONFIRMED it may still be cancelled however CANCELLATION FEES will apply at the rate of 50% within 48 hours and 100% within 24 hours

        of the CALL TIME.

3.      A PENCILLED booking may be cancelled by either party.

4.      PAYMENT TERMS are strictly 30 DAYS from the date of INVOICE or as stipulated on the invoice.

5.      LATE PAYMENT may result in LATE FEES being charged at the rate of 10% per month. Failure to pay within 90 days of the Invoice date may result in legal action.

         All fees associated with reclamation of fees will be borne by the payee.

6.      Listed RATES apply internationally, and are offered as a guide-only with fees subject to change with job-specifics, equipment additions etc.

7.      TIMES are measured from Call-time to Wrap in the Greater London area, and door to door in all other national & international Locations, inclusive of lunch,

         travel & appropriate breaks.

8.      WRAP is defined as Departure-From-Final-Location, with point 7 being the exception.

9.      OVERTIME is measured per hour or part-thereof, and applies to all Productions unless specifically negotiated.

10.    WEATHER HOLDS or SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS to be specifically negotiated.

11.     Bookings are taken in 10-hour increments, with overtime charged beyond the booking.

12.     Jobs running short will be billed as per original booking, regardless of an early wrap.

13.     The extent of Front Element Camera Services’ LIABILITY due to errors, omissions, or professional and technical failures shall be limited to the equivalent

          of the Booking’s daily fee.

14.     ORIGINAL RECEIPTS will be retained for Front Element Camera Services’ accounts, and charges will be itemised on the invoice.


1.     Crew vehicle mileage charged at £0.75 per mile and exclude Transport for London Congestion & ULEZ Charges.

2.     All TOLLS, PARKING FEES or CHARGES incurred in the course of Production, from Call-time to Wrap, will be billed to the Production.

3.     Any TRANSPORT provided by the Production must meet adequate health safety & security standards, or be negotiated otherwise with considerations as to

        the nature of the production.


1.     TAPE/DATA STOCK is the sole responsibility of the Production.

2.     EQUIPMENT outlined on the Rates-List is a guide, and equipment brought onto Location will be accepted as that which Front Element Camera Services

        deems necessary & most effective.

3.     Special EQUIPMENT REQUESTS will be adhered to as closely as possible. Where specific models/items are unavailable, a suitable replacement will be sought.  

        Shortcomings will be communicated ahead of time.

4.     RENTAL EQUIPMENT sourced on behalf of a Production incurs a 15% handling fee, in addition to tolls and charges incurred during pick-up & return.

5.     In the unlikely event of TECHNICAL FAILURE involving equipment owned by Front Element Camera Services, reasonable reparations in the form of bill Discount

        or Credited Hours will be negotiated for any lost time for the day of the incident only. The extent of Front Element Camera Services LIABILITY shall be limited

        to the Booking’s daily fee.

6.     In the Greater London area, Front Element Camera Services shall bear the cost of equipment replacement. For all other Locations, the Production shall bear

        the cost of equipment replacement.

7.      No responsibility shall be accepted for equipment rented on behalf of the Production.

8.     No responsibility accepted for lost opportunity, lost imagery or sound arising from technical failure.


1.      A SAFE WORKPLACE is always maintained.

2.      Productions planning to shoot in HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS must advise Front Element Camera Services prior to Confirmation. Such environments include

         exposure to salt, sand, water or dust.

3.      Location should have access to catering facilities, otherwise be catered by Production, or Crew should be informed of special requirements prior to the shoot.


1.     AIRPORT TRANSFERS are billed to the Production.

2.     International & National Travel measured on a ‘door-to-door’ basis or as negotiated.

3.     Daily TIMES are measured on a door-to-door basis in all national & international Locations (outside of home town) inclusive of lunch, travel & appropriate breaks.

4.     PER DIEMS negotiated per job.

5.     TRAVEL DAYS (due to the increased security and airline requirements at airport) are not negotiable.

6.     ACCOMMODATION & TRANSPORT provided by the Production must meet adequate safety & security standards, or be negotiated otherwise with considerations

        as to the nature of the project.


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Jeremy Irving