FRONT ELEMENT CAMERA SERVICES are able to provide a professional, efficient and friendly service, tailored to your specific needs, with the latest 4K Hi-Def digital Broadcast quality production equipment, equipment which is my own, and therefore familiar, well maintained, and readily to hand.

Experienced with a variety of Digital and Hi-Definition formats, Aerial Camera work and the use of Steadicam, High Speed Filming, Mini-Cams etc. And having experienced both the sound and editing departments, I know what my colleagues expect of me and I appreciate their requirements from a shoot.

I am easy going by nature and I want YOUR shoot, OUR shoot to go well! Stuck for an idea? Or the shooting schedule just starting to go out the window? THE CREW & I are there to HELP!   To help get your projects onto the screen, whether that screen is on a mobile phone, on TV,  or projected in a cinema, conference, exhibition etc.

Based in Woking, Surrey, which is well situated for London, both of the capitals major Airports, the south coast, and its ports, as well as the motorway network. With a practical Mercedes Estate as a crew vehicle, I am able to transport crew and equipment direct to almost any location.




Jeremy Irving